Vital-C Brightening Treatment​

Boost skin health and fights free radicals

  • Brightening, healthy, radiance and glow for your skin.
  • Boost collagen synthesis
  • Suitable for dull, dehydrated & uneven skin tone.
What it is

Enhance collagen synthesis for a brightening healthy radiant glow​

Vital C Brightening treatment is a powerful anti-aging facial treatment packed with high anti-oxidant properties to enhance collagen synthesis for a brightening healthy radiance glow.

The efficacy of the treatment is gentle yet effective, helps to tighten pigment, provides hydration, regulate sebum and helps delay signs of aging. This treatment uses Vitaliont to deliver onto Vit C penetration and absorption at call level. It is renowned for inhibiting the pigment-producing substance in the skin and acts as an anti-oxidant to fight against anti-aging.

What to expect

Keep your skin glowing and radiant​

  • Anti-oxidant properties – boost skin health, fights free radicals & premature aging
  • Brightening, lightens pigmentation
  • Regulates sebum
  • Skin hydration & soothing
  • Boost collagen synthesis

Suitable for

Skin lacking elasticity
Dull, dehydrated and uneven skin tone

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