Dewy Luxe Facial Treatment

Replenish and restore skin radiance & health

  • Maintain natural moisture barrier
  • Deep cleanse & removal of impurities
  • Suitable for dull, sluggish and sensitive skin
What it is

Balancing electrolyte levels in your skin

Dewy Luxe Facial replenishes electrolytes that in turn help your skin retain water, replace lost minerals, and thus allowing your skin to stay moisturised for a longer period. It has pore cleansing abilities that can remove all impurities trapped in the pores, preventing any inflammation.

What to expect

Achieve Clear, Radiant, Renewed skin

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Deep cleanse & removal of impurities
  • Reveal newer & brighter skin
  • Maintain natural moisture barrier
  • Hydrating serum delivered deep into the skin
  • Brightening and soothing masks

Suitable for

Dull, sluggish and sensitive skin
Dry skin
Uneven skin tone
Aging skin
Before After

Before and After

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