DRx Combi Yellow Laser

An improved version of the popular dual yellow laser treatment, Quadrostar’s Combi Yellow Laser is a gentle and powerful laser treatment suitable for Asian skin. Scroll on to find out how!

A gentle laser treatment for pigmented lesions, skin rejuvenation & uneven skin tone.

How does Combi Yellow Laser work?

Unique wavelength Ideal for Asian sensitive skin

Featuring a special wavelength of 577nm yellow light energy, the German-engineered Quadrostar Pro Yellow Laser is used to safely treat vascular lesions, pigmentation, post acne redness & uneven skin tone.

The popular & commonly used Dual Yellow combination Laser treatment utilizes a combination of 532nm (green light energy) and 577nm (pure yellow light energy). Unlike its predecessor, the Pro Yellow laser focuses purely on 577nm wavelength. As 532nm wavelength is believed to have a greater chance of causing hyper-pigmentation in Asian skin, the Pro Yellow laser is ideal for Asians and those with lighter skin tones.

Deep Penetration to effectively treat deeper pigmented lesions

The majority of pigments do not exist near the skin surface. More often than not, visible unwanted skin spots, pigmentation and post acne redness are rooted in a deeper vascular network of veins, blood vessels & skin cells. Traditional lasers are not as effective in reaching this depth compared to the Pro Yellow laser treatment.
ProYellow Laser uses pure yellow light which is gentle for treating blood vessels

Minimal Pain and Downtime

The Pro Yellow Laser treatment is gentle on the skin. Most describe it as a warm sensation on the skin! Slight redness in treatment areas typically subside after a few hours.
Compared to other skin rejuvenation lasers, pro yellow laser is more effective in reaching targeted areas

Effective & Safe

Compared to other skin rejuvenation lasers, Pro Yellow Laser is able to penetrate into underlying blood vessels & facial veins for effective vascular lesion removal. It is a safe treatment for all skin types, including sensitive skin types.
Pro Yellow laser is not only a epidermal pigmentation treatments that removes vascular lesions

Multiple Benefits in 1 Laser

Besides removing vascular lesions, Pro Yellow Laser has a multitude of other skin rejuvenation benefits. The yellow laser beam reduces acne bacteria, regenerates skin cells and stimulates collagen growth for skin brightening effects.

DRx Combi Yellow Laser is effective for:

1. Pigmentation

The Combi Yellow Laser focuses on dealing with epidermal pigmentation. The epidermal is one of our main two layers of skin’s support structure. This means that these pigmentation are the most obvious visibly, and removing them will have a huge visual effect on our appearance.

Besides breaking down pigments, our blood vessels absorb the Combi Yellow laser energy which helps to reduce blood flow to our skin cells. This reduces the rate of which we produce melanin & pigments.

Pro Yellow laser energy kills acne bacteria

2. Control & Reduce Active Acne

The energy emitted from Combi Yellow Laser can help to kill the pesky acne causing bacteria. It also helps with reduced redness from inflammation & reduces oil production by shrinking our sebaceous glands.

3. Vascular Treatments

Dilated blood vessels cause redness & flushing as these underlying vessels become visible to the naked eye. ProYellow Laser can help patients with this skin condition by shrinking the small red blood vessels & facial veins, visibly reducing the redness.

vascular lesions are usually caused by visible veins and blood vessels

4. Overall Skin Rejuvenation

Combi Yellow Laser is effective in stimulating collagen & elastin production, achieving a more even skin tone.

Resolve Your Skin Concerns With DRx Laser Treatments

While DRx Combi Yellow Laser is an effective treatment, it is possible that your Doctor may advise you to combine different lasers.

This is because majority of pigmentation problems are caused by multiple different pigmentation types, which respond differently to different laser wavelengths & laser settings.

It is possible that your administering Doctor may advise a combination of different lasers to achieve a comprehensive treatment.

At DRx, our Doctors are proficient in multiple Laser Treatments

Besides the Combi Yellow laser, we carry multiple laser machines to ensure our patients receive the most comprehensive treatment for their skin condition.

Other laser machines our Doctors are trained in include:

Feeling unsure which laser treatment is suitable for you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

While we should all do our due diligence & research, it is best to speak to a trained professional who can assess your skin condition!

Est. since 1999, DRx has over 24 years of experience with patients with such skin conditions seeking to improve their appearances.

Any questions, comments and concerns will be thoroughly addressed before commencing any form of treatment.

Combi Yellow Laser FAQ

Most patients report a warm sensation over the treatment area. It is an extremely gentle & comfortable treatment!

You may experience mild redness post-treatment, which will subside within 24-48 hours. You may resume normal activities immediately, but it is advisable to:

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure
  • Apply SPF protection consistently
  • Avoid active or exfoliative ingredients

To ensure patient safety, your doctor may require multiple sessions to produce effective and long-lasting results.

The number of sessions required depends on the severity of your skin concern and your treatment goals. After, maintenance treatments can be done once every month or two.

With minimal downtime and a low incidence of side effects, you may immediately return to your daily activities.

Most pigmentation will not return after removal.

However, new pigmentation can develop due to sun exposure, ageing and hormonal changes.

To prevent new pigmentation from forming, good daily skincare habits and regular maintenance treatments are recommended to ensure long-lasting results.